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Mother Honey Membership

Real, Nourishing, Consistent Support 

Not every season requires the deep, focused work of private coaching. Many women can't afford it. And some plain ole aren't ready for it yet. So, what then? Do you just stick it out on your own with Instagram therapy and audiobooks? Wishing there were more people in your circle that you relate to on this level... Craving deeper intimacy with your partner and working hard to make up for the support you need from family & community, but aren't getting... Doing even more invisible, emotional labor when you're already running low on resources... There's got to be some sort of in-between, right? 

Welcome to the
Mother Honey

The middle ground
you've been craving

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Monthly Group Sessions

These sessions are an intuitive blend of somatic processing, guided meditation, nervous system toning, and restorative sensuality -- encouraging sustainable, pleasurable growth that deeply nourishes and fulfills you on multiple levels: physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and relationally. We meet monthly on Zoom to work through a specific topic or theme together. Right now, we're working our way down through the chakras from crown to root... exploring the 7 deepest core wounds of the feminine to restore your sense of wholeness and satisfaction. (Scroll down for more info on this journey.) The last 15-20 minutes of each session will be reserved for laser coaching and Q&A. This means you'll have a chance to receive personalized support every month. All sessions are recorded, so if you can't make it live and you need support with something specific, you can let Lauren know ahead of time and she'll cover it in the session so you can get what you need with the replay!

Like-minded Community

When we do this work as a group, it sends ripples out far beyond ourselves as individuals. When we feel connected - to ourselves and to each other - we show up differently in the world. We show up more present and engaged with people, open to genuine connection. We become competent, inspiring role models with a greater capacity for creative problem-solving and emotional flexibility (aka: the ability to feel feelings without getting swept away by them and to get back into a regulated state when things inevitably get off track.) In the community space, you'll be able to connect with other like-minded women who are equally committed to building a purposeful and nourishing life. Plus you can get support from Lauren in the group between sessions, too!

Integration Work

The work doesn't really work if it doesn't change the way you experience your daily life. I'm not interested in offering you just one big, wonderful experience one night a month. I want you to wake up feeling different, not just the next morning - but most mornings. I want you to have a go-to practice that you can turn to between sessions for support... something that takes the deep work we do together and translates it into real, lasting, embodied healing and growth. Imagine a whole month of focused practice with a clear, specific, simple tool that changes the way you experience everything! Now, imagine several months like that all adding up. Each month, feeling more and more supported... deeply anchored in your current life in a whole new way - in a way that serves you and gives you what you really need... that's what I want to give you in the membership!

Resource Library

You'll have exclusive access to a library of meditations and recorded practices to support your unique journey. I know that some women will need calm, peaceful, grounding work between sessions; others will be drawn to sensual awakening practices, and others will need help processing their heavy stuff like anger and grief in a healthy way... rest assured that whatever arises for you between sessions, I've got you covered. 

Current Session Topics

March 22 @ 7pm CST / Sovereignty

A woman without access to her Crown Chakra lacks sovereignty. She lives for others, adjusts herself to fit what they need or want her to be - and she does this in ways that deplete or even harm her.  She's also likely to be in denial about the impact of this on her health and happiness. She tends towards maladaptive perfectionism, feels confused or conflicted when making decisions and struggles with guilt when she has to say no or disappoint others. A return to sovereignty brings a woman back into contact with her creative problem-solving and decision-making skills, empowers her to make lifestyle changes in a sustainable way, and reminds her of her innate worthiness - softening her critical relationship with herself (and others.)

April 19 @ 7pm CST/ Creative Vision

A woman without access to her Third Eye Chakra lacks creative vision. Confusion is typically her biggest barrier to moving forward with her life. She knows she wants something different... something more than what she's experiencing now... but she only sees problems and roadblocks. The cracks of light don't guide her, only frustrate her. She sees herself through the distorted lens of societal and cultural limitations and she struggles to navigate the unknown with ease, trust and confidence. Her choices are limited by what others believe to be true, worthwhile or possible; therefore her happiness is limited. She believes that working harder to appreciate what she has will generate more satisfaction and that learning more, reading more, consuming more information and skills, etc. will help her to finally figure out how to make things work. She tends to ruminate and experiences frequent doubt, worry and anxiety despite her best efforts to elevate her thoughts. 


A woman with creative vision learns to see herself, others, and her life more clearly; holds a higher vision of what's possible; and accesses her intuition with ease and groundedness. 

May / Secure Expression

More Details Coming Soon

June/ Heart Courage

More Details Coming Soon

July / Inner Fire 

More Details Coming Soon

August / Sensual Creation

More Details Coming Soon

September / Rooted and Resourced

More Details Coming Soon

Choose your plan

  • Monthly Group Sessions

    Every month
    Group activations blending energy work, feminine sensuality, and somatic processing
    • Monthly Group Activation on Zoom (Recorded)
    • Chance for 1-on-1 Coaching with Lauren
    • Integration Work for Daily Support Between Sessions
    • Access to Community Support
    • Access to Recordings of All Previous Activations
  • Monthly Group Sessions + Private Session

    Every month
    Get consistent hands-on support in a private somatic coaching session with Lauren every month.
    • Everything from the Monthly Group Sessions
    • + 1hr private coaching session with Lauren via Zoom
    • + Personalized integration work for the month
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